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Interests in Computers
I became interested in computers at about 10 years old when my father brought home an 8088 PC.  I started by playing games such as Carmen Sandiego and began learning to write my own programs in QBasic.  One night my father hex edited a corrupt saved games files to restore my place in the game after the game had crashed and reset my progress back to the beginning.  I found it so incredible that he could do this that I started learning everything I could about computers.  I did a lot of QBasic programming for fun and read books on the language.  Next, I learned C/C++ and x86 assembly languages.  I learned a lot of reverse engineering and debugging skills along the way and even wrote some simple reverse engineering tutorials on Fravia+'s site.  
I continued reading more and more thick books on different technologies ranging from VB, COM, ATL, Windows API, MFC, TCP/IP, WinSock, Java, JavaScript, HTML, XML, SQL.  I have read over 40+ books on different programming and computing technologies and continue to keep up to date.  At college, I chose Computer Engineering as my major not Computer Science mainly to explore the hardware side of the computer since I already understood the software aspects of computing very well.  Mathematics, science and programming were my strong point at college.  
I have written many programs starting in QBasic, then VB(3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0), x86 assembly, C/C++, Visual C/C++, utilized successfully COM, ATL, Windows API, MFC, TCP/IP, WinSock, JavaScript, HTML, XML, SQL.  I am also certified as an MCP and a Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD.NET) being well versed in ASP.NET as well as VB.NET, C# and managed C++.