IMS S-timator
Download Stimator.exe
Programming language/technologies
Microsoft Visual C++ with MFC, advanced property sheet usage, advanced resizing code, full printing capability, large Win32 API usage for windowing and graphics, script calculation engine  

John Docherty helped with the icon, layout and help file.  

IMS Company is my father's injection molding distribution company and S-timator was a product written in BASIC that was receiving requests for a Windows version.  S-timator is a program that quotes molding jobs and is written on an engine expandable to any type of calculation based program.  A script file that describes the calculations is parsed and the interface is dynamically generated based upon the calculations.  This program was written in Microsoft Visual C++ with MFC.  Some of the more advanced features include the fact that a very customized derived CPropertySheet is the main application window for the program and handles the tree control in place of the tab control.  Also the listview control code was optimized to the Microsoft shell32.dll code so that the sort arrows would draw properly regardless of the operating system.  This final version has eliminated the need for listviews by using the tree to represent this information instead.  The program is based off of a script engine that dictates the calculations and save format and the application dynamically builds the interface based on what is there.  Unit conversions are done nicely as menu dropdown hyperlinks and allow for total flexibility.  

Example of the script file
View of the S-timator input screen
View of the S-timator calculation screen

Web S-timator
Download WebS-timator.h
Programming language/technologies
Microsoft Visual managed C++.NET with ASP.NET, customized viewstate, advanced script based dynamically built web pages to do custom calculations  

Web S-timator is the same as the above IMS S-timator program but my attempt to seperate out all the parsing logic and have two raw interfaces that I can easily modify based on the parsed logic.  This worked well and allowed me to create a decent web and Windows version without too much trouble.  The hardest part was using managed C++.  This was very tricky as there is very little information about using it with ASP.NET but after a while I got the settings right and it worked.  

Node Simulator (NodeSim)
Download NodeSim.exe
Programming language/technologies
Microsoft Visual C++ with MFC, multithreaded for each node, thread-safe deadlock free code, decent simulation model for DSDV wireless algorithm  

Node Simulator is a program written under consultation with Professor Wagh from Lehigh University.  The program is a multithreaded simulation of nodes in a wireless networking using the DSDV algorithm.  It is written in Microsoft Visual C++ with MFC.  It has very clever thread safe code and could be extended to simulate other wireless protocols such as AODV or HARP.  

Node simulator metric display
Node simulator message simulation between endpoints

Download CAlike.exe
Programming language/technologies
Microsoft Visual C++ with MFC, 8085 assembly to C binary translation/decompilation, advanced control flow graph analysis  

CAlike is an 8085 to C binary translator/decompiler that I wrote for my senior project under Professor Wagh.  It uses fancy methods of control flow graph analysis to do a thorough and rigorous one pass decompilation.  It is a work still in progress and will integrate some other functionality such as an integrated assembler soon.  

CAlike on the 8085 opcode and the micro-operation detail viewer